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Vote Chris Sells for Representative of District 90

Who is Chris Sells?

Chris Sells is a husband and father with conservative values. Chris is a successful small businessman who has owned Sells Medical Equipment since 2008. He is pro-life and believes strongly in our 2nd Amendment. Four years ago, Chris was fed up with the nonsense in Montgomery and decided to do something about it. To Chris, accountability and transparency aren’t just catchphrases—they’re critical to letting the light in; he believes that when government operates in the open, we all win.



President Trump has set the stage for our economy and Chris Sells, along with others, is making sure that our district and state are well-positioned for the opportunities that are headed our way. Unemployment is the lowest it’s been in a generation, entrepreneurship is on the rise, and major corporations and manufacturing are moving to Alabama. Chris knows that we have laid the groundwork but there is much work to be done. That’s why Chris is dedicated to ensuring that we have strong workforce development and career tech programs. Chris believes our future success depends on it.

Transparent and Accountable Government

Despite all that’s going right in Alabama, we all know that our state has been embarrassed more than it should have been in the last few years. Those elected officials responsible are being held accountable for their actions and violations of the public’s trust. Accountability and transparency at all levels of government are important to Chris. These will insure that taxpayer funds are used in a stewardly manner and that those we have chosen to represent us are held responsible for their actions.


Just as blood flows through our veins to give us life, our roads and bridges are the lifelines of our economy. Chris is committed to making sure that our hard-earned tax dollars are used in an efficient and effective way. Our infrastructure issues can literally bring our thriving economy down — Chris is working hard to make sure that does not happen.


Education is important to Chris and something close to his heart. With a daughter in high school, the quality of our education system is always on his mind. Chris knows that the students of today are the future of our state. Chris believes we need to provide a safe environment for our children and teachers while preparing our young for tomorrows opportunities. This is why Chris works hard to make sure we are investing in our children’s education.